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Multi-Family Loan Programs 

E&E Mortgage Bankers Corp is a boutique lender with multiple options and resources to help close even the most challenging loans.  If you’ve been turned down by others, we have the key relationships with the right investors to push your loan through to close.  Buying a property tends to represent the single largest investment most of us ever make. It is, therefore vital to secure the best financing available. Every borrower has different needs, every property is unique and ever lender has their own rules and programs. E&E Mortgage Bankers Corp uses the latest technology to offer you a wide range of mortgage programs. Weather you have perfect credit or less than perfect credit, whether you are purchasing or refinancing, Mortgage Bankers has program tailored to meet your individual needs.

Fixed Apartment Loans (500K-$25MM+): 

  • No Tax Returns
  • Low Title Insurance Fees
  • Smooth and Efficient Escrow Closing
  • In House Notary Signing
  • In House Appraisers
  • Most Apartment Loans Fund In 30 Days
  • Take Cash Out

You Provide:

  • 12 Months Operating History 
  • Rent Roll
  • 12 Months Verification Of Payment

Contact us for a complementary assessment of your existing properties or purchases you are considering. In addition, we can offer non-recourse loans and interest-only payments, so a couple more options available to help you win the deals.